Now Build Apps Clappia is a No Code app development platform that lets anyone in your business build powerful mobile and web apps with only basic Excel skills. From enterprise-grade ERPs to basic data collection tools, you can develop a variety of apps to manage your operations. Without Coding Start Free Trial No credit card required
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Building apps with Clappia is very easy

Step 1

Select from a range of pre-coded modules

We give a set of pre-coded modules that you may mix and match to create the app interface you want. The customisation is really simple, and no technical knowledge is required. You can also connect with other Clappia apps or your existing systems to pull data or do any API calls.
pre-code module
Step 2

Setup backend processes

Using a visual editor, configure processes, automation rules, notification messages, approval permissions, time-bound behaviours, and more.

Clappia eliminates the need to learn a new language. You can use the visual editors or the formula syntax in Spreadsheet to convert your business logic into processes.

Backend process
Step 3

Setup live dashboards and reporting schedules

If you don’t have real-time insights, your processes will be ineffective. You don’t need to export your data to an analytics solution if you use Clappia.

You can establish a live dashboard to keep track of what’s going on. You can also set up automated reports to provide you a data dump on a regular basis.

live dashboard
Step 4

Get apps for Web, Android and iOS instantly

Device responsive apps for Web, Android, and iOS are included in all Clappia-built apps. This decreases the time and effort required to implement a really cutting-edge software system in your company.

From the Play Store or the App Store, users download and log in to a shared container app. As an administrator, you can push apps to those container apps from afar. Installs, upgrades, and app store hosting are all taken care of for you. 

You can also get a White-labeled app for your organization.

Applications, That Matter!

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CIOs love our platform because Clappia puts Digital Transformation on steroids. Business users love us because they can now build apps without developers. Developers love us because now they can focus on mission-critical projects.